What's Next?

We have lots of other books for Haitian children and families planned! We hope to continue the series entitled Healthy Haitian Children. Through colorful photos of everyday life in Haiti and child-friendly text, children will learn from other Haitian kids about issues like child safety, preventing malaria, good nutrition, and safe water and sanitation. Keep posted by checking our website regularly.


We are also excited about our most recent project. It's a children's story book and we are collaborating with a young Haitian artist for the book's color illustrations.


We're also dreaming of ideas for other culturally relevant story books and chapter books, set in Haiti featuring Haitian kids, along with biographies of Haitian heroes. 


That's not all. We want to help encourage young Haitians to write and develop the Haitian Kreyòl children's book genre. Haitian young people are incredibly creative, and they have stories to tell. We want to help them tell those tales so their brothers and sisters across the nation can read them.

Yes, it's a big dream!

So, come on, Haiti, let's read!

Haiti, Let's Read! (Ayiti, Annou Li !)

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