Our Second Book!

Cover of Haiti: Green Again!  A Children's Book About Trees 


by Barbara Van Schoyck and Pamela H. Russell

Photographs by Jean-Robert Joseph

Our second book, entitled Haiti: Green Again!  A Children's Book About Trees, was published in May of 2014. Designed to help children understand the important role they can play in restoring the environment of their beautiful country, this book is part of the Healthy Haitian Children series. This book reflects the opinions expressed by Haitians young and old about the need to reforest Haiti and protect the trees which prevent erosion and benefit the Haitian people. 


One of the goals of Haiti, Let's Read! is to encourage and collaborate with young Haitians to further develop the genre of children's books in Haitian Kreyol. This book showcases the photographic talents of Jean-Robert Joseph, a young Christian entrepreneur who is in ministry in Haiti.  


In Haiti: Green Again! young readers will learn about the role of trees in the water cycle as they are encouraged to imagine how green Haiti can be again.


As soon as the book was published, sample copies were given to 32 schools in the north Central Plateau. By late July and August, nearly 5000 families will have their own copies of this little book, through the work of Justin Mompremier, director of a Primary School Teacher Training Project with the Haitian American Friendship Foundation (HAFF) in the village of Bohoc. As he conducts training seminars for school directors and teachers of 44 small rural schools, he will be distributing the books destined for the hands of lots of Haitian children.  Sample copies of the book were also distributed in the remote, mountaintop village of Gwayavye in the Artibonite, and in the village of Jean-Boule in the North.


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Below are two pages from Haiti: Green Again!

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