​​About Us

​It's a big dream


​Our goal at Haiti, Let’s Read! (Ayiti, Annou Li!) is to create and develop high-quality children’s books in Haitian Kreyòl.

Not only that, but we want to make books accessible to Haitian kids and families.

We want to help nurture in them a life-long love of reading.

Finally, we hope to partner with young Haitians in developing their own children's literature.

And, we want it all to be to God's glory. 

It's a big dream!

​We're a project of...

Grace Oaks Ministries, a Christian, 501(C)(3), non-profit organization based near Rome, Georgia, USA, that shares the love and grace of God, both in the United States and internationally, through missions, quality educational materials, Bible-based training, and compassion ministries.

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Who are we?

​As part of the Grace Oaks Ministries team, we are Christians who share a love for Haitian children and a burden to see them get the chance they deserve to read good quality books in Haitian Kreyòl.

Pamela H. Russell is a retired library media specialist and teacher with 35 years of experience who lives with her pastor husband in Rome, Georgia.

Barbara Van Schoyck spent 17 years as a missionary in rural Haiti, but now lives, writes, and ministers with her husband in the country outside Rome, Georgia. She is fluent in Haitian Kreyòl.

Where do our books go?

We distributed the first printing of the cholera book, about 7,400 copies, in the spring of 2013 in the north Central Plateau of Haiti, including the villages of Bohoc and LaJeune and the surrounding area, as well as in the towns of Hinche and Pignon. We met with school directors and teachers, along with parents and children, to assure that the books reached the families of the area. 

This beautiful region of rural Haiti is located at about 19.2 degrees North latitude and 72 degrees West longitude degrees.

There are lots of beautiful, bright, curious, creative and inventive children in the Bohoc/LaJeune area. But there aren't many children's books in Haitian Kreyòl. 


After our May 2013 trip to distribute these first books, we surveyed educators, parents, and others to provide us with important feedback. Based on that information, we revised the book to make it even more content-rich. Then, In the autumn of 2013, God provided a means for 2000 of this second edition of the cholera books to be printed. Those were distributed in the north of Haiti, specifically in the Cap-Haitien area. We are told 100 books were even sent to a Haitian community in Jamaica!


Then, in the fall of 2013, another 500 2nd edition books were distributed to 14 elementary schools in the Mombin Crochu area, in the Department of the Northeast, and to a new primary school in LaPila, near Pignon.

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Haiti, Let's Read! (Ayiti, Annou Li !)

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